A Meaningless Penance?

Alastair Humphreys is back in the UK, returned from his last-minute expedition. Here’s a short update: he’s working on a full video from his two man crossing of The Empty Quarter.


The Empty Quarter

“I knew instinctively that it was the very hardness of life in the desert which drew me back there – it was the same pull which takes men back to the polar ice, to high mountains, and to the sea.”

– Wilfred Thesiger

From Alastair Humphreys, member of The Scott Expedition

October 26, 2012

Following the recent frustrating news that our South Pole trip had to be postponed, I went through the usual range of responses and emotions. I went to the pub at lunchtime. I mooched around, got annoyed, kicked the cat, went running, ate toast, tidied my desk, and generally faffed around feeling sorry for myself. Not only was I now without an expedition, I didn’t have any paid work scheduled until March 2013!

Therefore I was faced with two options. One was to try to find some work. The other was to look on the bright side of having an empty diary and go on an expedition instead. I chose Plan 2.

And so I have cobbled together an expedition as fast as I possibly could. It had to be simple and it had to be cheap. But both those things are assets to any adventure, not hindrances to sneer at. And so here it is, my next project.

We leave next week.

He’s there now. Read his entire blog post HERE.

The Scott Expedition

The SCOTT 2012 Expedition, led by Ben Saunders, has been postponed. Besides an initial letdown, the decision is best left unquestioned. The good news? The Scott Expedition will begin October, 2013 and it’s members will still be attempting the same difficult passage, renamed.

At 4 months and 1,800 miles I don’t blame them preparing for one year more.

Here is one good result of the postponement: The Empty Quarter Expedition

Less is More

We like these. Less is more, but wear responsibly.

Step Into Minimalism – Dr. Jack Daniels (Part 1)

Step Into Minimalism – Dr. Jack Daniels (Part 2)

Anton Krupicka, team New Balance

Running Form in 30 Seconds

Just in case you though New Balance were the only ones: VIVOBAREFOOT

Rainier 20 Twelve – Climbing Documentary

August 13, 2012: A group of 5 entrepreneurs, creatives and adventure-enthusiasts set out to summit Mount Rainier to raise funds for Margaret’s husband and two children, and for Nick Hall’s family. For 4 of the climbers, Ryan, Paul, Bradley and Jeff, this was their “first ascent”.

Rainer 20 Twelve



“No one else is the authority on your potential.”

Ben Suanders

Mudwater Kayak Journal, Entry #1


Flood debris, common in Mudwater Kayaking

From a Mudwater Kayak Journal
Entry #1

First let’s define “mudwater kayak,” for anyone who has the privilidge of being nearer to a traditional kayak source than say, I:
“A mudwater kayaker is one who is advantageous of rising flood water in streams where even kayaks find it normally difficult to trapse.”
This allows someone seeking adventure outside their normal day routine, to find it, but not without cost. One of the costs is our first entry: Debris.
As visually shown in the photo above, debris is quite a challenge. All smooth sailing, all flowing along with the current, all potential to stay entirely dry, goes away when you come to such a spot as this where debris creates two things:

1. Elevation Change
Even slight, it makes a difference.

2. An Impassable Obstacle
Meaning, you cannot pass over, you have to get out of the cockpit; never the goal of being on the water.

Does this spoil the outing? Only for those who should not be on the water when the depth has within hours rose say, 7-14 feet and collected enough fallen trees and wildlife habitat to create the damn.

So, what does one do when you come to this sort of debris? Get over it.
Go on exploring.

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